Praise For Tom

“Tom’s extensive knowledge and expertise in fraternity recruitment shines through in his presentations. He has seen it all, and knows how to tailor his seminars to meet the needs of his audience. Theta Chi Fraternity is excited to continue to work with Tom.”
JD Ford Senior Director for Recruitment & Expansion,, Theta Chi Fraternity
“Tom has been a wonderful addition to our expansion strategy. He is great at connecting with students and adjusting to the varying circumstances of an expansion project, offering quality services with a focus on producing long-term quality results.”
Deanne Walters Cross Director of Member Services,, Chi Phi Fraternity
Tom's down-to-earth personality really opened himself up to share things with the audience which may have been difficult for him. The students really liked his honesty and related with a lot of the experiences he had. We loved having Tom and received a lot of positive feedback from our students!
Jennifer Mueller Greek Life Graduate Assistant, Lindenwood University
Tom Healy is one of those people that can make a room stop... and listen. He talks with such passion and has such a grand vision for his ideas and loves to share them to better the world around him.
Michael Arce CEO, Loud Rumor
Our audience was very attentive because of Tom’s approach to recruitment, which involved relatable scenarios. Tom has a good sense of humor and he got his point across very well by answering all questions without hesitation and providing a lot of detail. He is very experienced in his field.
Dominic Policicchio Student, University of West Florida
Tom was widely praised for his upbeat, relevant presentation on working with and understanding ‘Generation Y’. Audiences appreciated not only the business application of his insights, but found it relevant in their personal lives as well. Two years later, people are still referencing his content. I highly recommend Tom Healy if you want to move forward in business or life!
Elizabeth Cushing, Esq. Vice President, CRICO/Risk Management Foundation (Cambridge, MA)
Tom Healy is an incredible speaker. He has a great ability to convey a lot of information in a short time with professionalism and a clear message. His program was both informative and exciting - I gathered a magnitude of information from his presentation. Tom is a true professional with a passion and energy that is unmatched.
Cindy Woudenberg Principal, LuCorp Marketing
Tom Healy will help get your chapter more engaged in recruitment. He helps you evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in recruitment, and allows you to address them in a structured manner so that you can tackle any issues you may have.
Nate Walker Student, Indiana State University
Tom gave us a simple recruitment system that led to our largest and highest-quality new member class in years. His direct, no BS style was exactly what we needed and not only made us successful this semester but also set us up for years of future success.
Kyle Moser Student, Ohio University
Tom is an amazing speaker. He was a constant professional, and really set the bar for future Greek Week speakers. The crowd really liked what Tom had to say. You could tell that they were excited to be there. He took the time to really find out what they were interested in, and how they could benefit from his experience.
Vince Bowhay Greek Life Advisor, Fort Hayes State University
Tom brings a level of energy, knowledge, and skill to his presentation that engages the audience from the moment he takes the stage. His rapport with the students and alumni at our national convention was genuine, enthusiastic, and built credibility instantly. Tom's knowledge of his content is one of the best I've seen in many years.
Brian Tenclinger Executive Director, Triangle Fraternity
I highly recommend working with Tom if you would like a strategy to accomplish your employee recruitment and retention efforts. He was a pleasure to work with, has a high level of enthusiasm, and delivers a wealth of knowledge in his areas of expertise.
Terry L. Dunlap President, ATI Allegheny Ludlum
Tom has had interaction with the majority of our students and they always had an immediate connection to him and the material. His engaging presentation style and knowledge of the topic demands your attention and keeps you engaged throughout.
Jeffrey Szumanski Assistant Executive Director, Fraternity of Alpha Kappa Lambda
Tom came to campus with an attitude that focused on results! He was very straightforward and honest with our chapters and gave them the direction and guidance they needed.
Mitchell Kelley IFC President, University of Minnesota
Tom has been instrumental in getting our fraternity up and running. By identifying best practices in fraternity development and combining that with our specific goals, he crafts a plan for the growth of our members and fraternity as a whole.
Amaan Anwar Lakhani Student, Emory University
Our students were very impressed with Tom Healy's ability to speak to them frankly on issues affecting their community. Tom helped our Greek students find ways to work together and increase the quality of membership. They took away some great ideas to help increase the involvement of their fraternity and sorority community.
Thomas Martin Assistant Director of Greek Life & Community Engagement, Saint Leo University
Thanks again for all that you've done. I know you get paid to do this but as you were describing while looking over our Action Plan I really could see that you had passion for this and that shines through and gets the chapter members excited too. Even though you put us through a whole day of mind grinding work and we might grumble at the end, I speak on behalf of all FarmHouse Fraternity. when I say we really appreciate not only the "showing up" but also the additional enthusiasm coupled with the match for the ruby society really shows your qualities.
The Men of FarmHouse Fraternity University of Minnesota