Tom’s Published Books
For Young Leaders

Limitless Leadership: Find Your Drive to Thrive

Limitless Leadership is a book for young leaders to reach their extraordinary potential. We all have unbelievable potential inside of us, however too many people go through life without coming close to reaching it. In this book, you’ll find personal stories, stories from well-known leaders, and the integration of proven leadership theories – the goal is for you to have both a strong understanding of leadership, as well as specific ways to do it at a high level. This book isn’t just about understanding leadership; it is about doing leadership.

The Course They Forgot to Offer: How to Succeed in the Real World

Do you feel like you missed out on the college course that prepared you for the “real world”? Would you like to learn how you can become successful, both personally and professionally, while enjoying this exciting time in your life? Let this book serve as the blueprint for you to get the absolute most out of your life as a young professional and beyond! In this book you will discover: how to choose the perfect place to launch your life and career, how to search for and earn a great professional opportunity, how to properly manage your finances, how to build positive relationships, the personal and professional characteristics essential for success as a young professional, challenges, regrets and learning experiences from young professionals and those much older and wiser and stories of success from famous individuals who accomplished greatness as young professionals. Look no further if you want the most complete guide ever written on how to achieve life and career success as a young professional!